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A Mighty Force is a campaign to standup against injustice and assault. So many of us have been affected by rape and assault, and to make matters worse the systems established to defend its citizens are failing. We must stand for what is right and just, and be willing to take on the uncomfortable realities that exist in our world. No matter your sex, no matter your gender, no matter your job, age, race, no one has a right to violate another human being. Our way of thinking needs to change, as does the way in which victims of assault are treated.

This 48ft hand-painted billboard calls out an assault at a local club just four doors away, after months of inaction by the club and the police. Whether justice is delivered in this case, this is a call to action about dignity and justice for all people. We must meet apathy with resilience. We must meet injustice with justice. And when a system is broken, we must fight for change. We as a people can do better.

Victims of assault can face a lifetime of healing, which is why A Mighty Force will donate a portion of its proceeds from art sales to two organizations. RAINN, which is the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization and RISENOW fighting against injustice and implementing real, systemic change in governmental policy. These organizations emphasize the good in the world. Remember, we are in this together. You are not alone!

If you would like to share a bit of your personal story we’d love to hear it. With enough submissions we can compile your stories into an illustrated book to empower and uplift others on their journey to healing from assault. Thank you for your compassion, love and generous spirit.

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